School Trip Policy



  • It is important to choose an outing that it suitable for children in terms of both their safety and their development.
  • The minimum requirements for the ratio of adults to children must be ensured, i.e. 1 adult for every 3 children.
  • Consent forms must be signed by all parents before the children are allowed to go on the outing: these must include permission to take action in the event of an emergency and information on the child’s health/doctor, etc.
  • This information must be readily available to the staff on an outing.
  • A register of all children present MUST be kept and these must be checked regularly.
  • Children’s clothing should be suitable for the outing and weather: parents must be informed of any special clothing requirements but should have the final say about what their child wears.
  • The policy on non-controversial clothing must be adhered to when requested.
  • Make sure necessary supplies are taken with you.
  • Transport should be carefully planned and adequate insurance should be used.
  • Risk Assessment of the outing/venue must be carried out in advance.
  • First Aid supplies/box must be available for all outings.



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