At the moment we have over 155 children attending Scoil an Droichid/Naíscoil an Droichid,  Aged between 3 and 11.


Disability Provision




The ‘Córas Ti ‘ ( House System) in Scoil an Droichid is based on the philosophy of focusing on positive achievement and celebrating those achievements in a child friendly way.

Each class is broken into 4 groups , each named after local hills around Belfast .Sliabh Caisleán Rua, Sliabh Ban, Sliabh Dubh , Sliabh Dubhaois.Points are awarded to children for their spoken Gaeilge (or those children who make a good attempt) and any positive behaviours displayed around the school .

At the end of each month the points are counted and the ‘ winning’ house will have a treat – usually a day non-uniform day . All children will experience being in the ‘winning ‘ house.


Sen provision



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